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The Neighbors: Slide Shows for America

USF's Contemporary Art Museum presents The Neighbors: Slide Shows for America, a photography exhibition. Louisiana artist Douglas Bourgeois paints the natural world around him. The Repertory Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah, spreads the power of dance to students through educational programs. Animals at the Sacramento Zoo create works of art.


Jake Chapman Conversation

Life During Wartime: Art in the Age of Coronavirus participating artist Jake Chapman talks with USFCAM Curator-at-large Christian Viveros-Faune about about he and his brother Dinos's new series titled The Disasters of Yoga II (2019-2020).

Exposición virtual: Life During Wartime / Christian Viveros-Fauné en conversación con Voz de América

La experiencia de ir a un museo mutó por la pandemia. En su lugar han surgido otras formas, como esta exposición digital que los invitamos a observar. Informa  Alonso Castillo, Voz de América, Miami.



Christian Viveros-Fauné interviewed by Ceri Hand @Artist Mentor


PHOTO: Gran Sur: Chilean Contemporary Art from the Engel Collection, Installation view, Alcalá 31, Madrid, Spain, 2020

Tunick muestra a afrodescendientes antes del levantamiento en EU

Spencer Tunick participa de la muestra colectiva "Life During Wartime: Art in the age of the coronavirus",

curada por Christián Viveros-Fauné para USFCA, Tampa, Florida.

El periódico mexicano La Jornada conversó con el artista acerca de la muestra, su obra, y el contexto actual de la sociedad.


Foto: Spencer Tunick, Stay Apart Together, 2020

Part of the online exhibition at USFCA

Pressure leads to unity: The Guardian reviews USFCAM exhibition "Life during wartime"

Christian Viveros-Fauné is part of the international jury for the Khor Art Initiative at Saradipour Art Gallery

Online group exhibition “You and Me and Everyone We Know” curated by Christian Viveros-Fauné

Sabrina Amrani is pleased to announce the online group exhibition ‘You and Me and Everyone We Know’ curated by Christian Viveros-Fauné, presenting works by Manal AlDowayan, Mónica Bengoa, Sebastiaan Bremer, Gianfranco Foschino, Anastasia Samoylova and Jorge Tacla.

Sometimes a title is enough. I admit that this one I brought it up unconsciously, without realizing it was from a 2005 North American film. The film, by the way, consists of several plots that revolve around the intertwined lives of a large number of characters. When I realized that my title could also constitute a little plagiarism, or perhaps a tribute, I decided to keep it. We are all intertwined as never before; we are also isolated like never before. Our limbo state is due to a plague that in normal times we would classify as a film.

The simple idea of being able to invoke different voices - you, me and all the people we know - serves as a pretext to generate this exhibition: a 100% virtual exhibition that deals with both intimacy and isolation, the current obligation to make social distancing, but also the absolute need to maintain active labor and emotional ties. The effort involved in putting together this exhibition is different from that required to organize a normal exhibition. It requires greater faith, generosity and introspection, because you also want to pose and answer, at least partially, a question: how to invoke the possibilities of art in the midst of a global pandemic to trigger ideas, stories, conversations, emotions, feelings and mental states that allow us to reflect on our external and internal realities?

These and other reflections are made possible thanks to the presence, widely digital in this instance, of great works proposed by an eclectic group of international artists. They are Manal AlDowayan (SA), Mónica Bengoa (CL), Sebastiaan Bremer (NL), Gianfranco Foschino (CL), Anastasia Samoylova (RU / USA) and Jorge Tacla (CL / USA). Each of them presents a single work for this exhibition; their possible meanings are expanded or altered ("re-meanings") by the current crisis. Most of their works were done before March 22, the date the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the coronavirus a planetary pandemic. One was made entirely during the current quarantine period. Through their respective media, which include painting, drawing, photography, textiles and video, each of these brilliant artists exhibits a conviction as urgent as it is millennial: art is not just thinking, it is giving shape to thought.

I want to add one more observation to this text as an appendix. For the first time since the invention of the internet, we can say that, You and Me and Everyone We Know share the same reality under the new health system of covid19. Today, through this same medium, ironically, we can approach important meditations, such as those we see gathered in this exhibition, on how this new reality connects us, the least the vast majority, above all.

Christian Viveros-Fauné
Brooklyn, April 9th 2020

Pictured: Sebastiaan Bremer | I Am Holding My Breath for Weeks Now (2020). 

"Art Critics are the most powerless people in the World" - Christian Viveros-Faune

Interview with The face of America

An Interview with USFCAM's Curator-at-Large Christian Viveros-Fauné

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